FemDom Blogs Network would like to express deepest respect and gratitude to All Mistresses listed on this page.
Thank You very much for allowing me to serve You!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

FemDom Blogs Network Proudly Present: MISTRESS ULTRA VIOLET

Let's be serious, NOBODY deserve to be HER slave. She is breathtaking shining star on domination sky, one and only Mistress Ultra Violet. Her eyes are mystical ocean HER view is sharp as a sword, HER body is art, HER feet are poem, HER smile is provocative and arrogant  and you will never resist HER. SHE is real Goddess and there is no way you could possibly be good enough to worship HER the way SHE deserve.
Do not be desperate, sometimes miracles are possible. Mistress Ultra Violet is offering training sessions and maybe, if you give your best, one day you will be allowed to kiss the ground SHE is walking on.
Comparing to HER beauty you are absolute zero. Remember that, and your journey to real submission can be easier. SHE is aggressive, strong, fearless, SHE love to humiliate and enjoy pushing your limits all the time.
All you can do, is to trust in HER, worship and pumper HER, suffer for HER and do your best and maybe SHE will find pleasure in your devotion. She is a Woman who truly enjoys the punishment so never ever forget how privileged you are to be in position to serve Her.
Curious of what you can expect wile serving this amazing Goddess?
Maybe this rule can give you some idea "forced Chastity it is the Natural order of things"
She is perfect Mistress who will break you down, make you order the device, hold the key, and make you beg. Oh YES! you will learn to say please and to mean it. Then your journey can start.
As truly experienced Dominatrix SHE knows what SHE deserves and you will be trained in so many different ways that now you cannot even imagine.
To see what skills you will need to learn to satisfy this brilliant Mistress check list of HER specialties
Still brave to meet Mistress personally?
In that case you may view Her availability and travel plans by checking Her blog.

My Impression: Perfection is not good enough, luckily there is Mistress Ultra Violet

"FemDom Blogs Network" would like to express deepest respect and gratitude to Mistress Ultra Violet  for permission to publish this post.
It was big honor to serve YOU this way Mistress

Thursday, September 27, 2012

FemDom Blogs Network proudly present: MISTRESS VANESSA CHALAND

After very long break ,FemDom Blogs Network is live again.
Personally, i am very honored to restart my work by introducing Mistress Vanessa Chaland, from Fetish Furniture Factory, an extraordinary, brave, intelligent, sexy, smart, sophisticated ,creative and powerful Woman.
Mistress Vanessa is great FemDom furniture designer and well known author of several FemDom books .
All of Her books are based on Her real life experiences.
Real lifestyle Mistress, you can only dream about.


  "I love queening and facesitting and after looking at overpriced and cheaply built furniture I decided to design my own. My designs ensure structural integrity, style and comfort, at a cheap cost. My downloadable videos/instructions show how to make well built furniture cheaply in a few hours. " Vanessa Chaland
Treat your Mistress like she deserve and make for Her special Queening Chair.
This can be great gift for your Mistress since you will make it by yourself for Her pleasure and for your humiliation.
Piece of  furniture every Mistress should have.
For some great, creative ideas about how to use Queening Chair as a powerful Femdom weapon, please visit Mistress Vanessa's blog.
Satisfaction guaranteed.

If Y/you have recognized unlimited possibilities of Queening Chair and Y/you want to have one, here are good news :
Complete, simple and easy to follow written instructions for building five different versions of Queening Chairs, plus a unique Spanking Bench.
Everything inside:  material lists, tool lists, dimensions and basic written assembly instructions.
An average Queening Chair cost between 500-700$.
With this great book, you can save lot of money and make one by yourself for less than 80-120$.
Simple instructions for inexpensive fetish furniture.
Your Mistress will adore this.
To see more Queening Chairs designs please click here

What do Y/you think, would Y/you like to have one?

"FemDom Training of Submissive Males" is another great FemDom book written by Mistress Vanessa Chaland.

Personal training techniques for domination, humiliation and punishment of a submissive male. Spanking, caning, strapping,hairbrush spanking, thigh spanking, cuckolding, queening and facesitting, verbal humiliation, ballbusting, blue balls torment, and as a squirter (female ejaculator) all things related to those "wet" episodes, plus much more.

This book focuses on several years of experiences of using the above methods to dominate Her submissive husband to Her benefit, and for Her sexual pleasure.

Real life story! 

For complete bibliography please click here  

"FemDom Blogs Network" would like to express deepest respect and gratitude to Mistress Vaneesa Chaland for permission to publish this post.

Monday, July 18, 2011

FemDom Blogs Network News

Femdom Blogs Network is live again.
If You are Mistress and if You want to be listed on my blog PLEASE let me know.
From my knees i wish You/you good time at Femdom Blogs Network

Thursday, March 26, 2009

FemDom Blogs Network proudly present: MISTRESS LINDA


Sometimes, destiny is really cruel Mistress to me... Why All most beautiful Mistresses leave far away?
"FemDom Blogs Network" have indescribable honour to present: http://www.mistresslinda.net/ , place where power of Female Domination meet one of the most beautiful Dominas in the World, real Goddess, One and Only: MISTRESS LINDA.If any of you think that you are able to resist Her beauty please listen my friendly advice: don't challenge your destiny on http://www.mistresslinda.net/ because there is no way you could possibly resist Mistress Linda. Her eyes are stronger as Hope, Her body is greater then Art, Her feet place to die. She will not just take your mind. She will take your soul. There is no mistake, it will be forever. "FemDom Blogs Network" will not be enough stupid and naive to try to describe Her beauty and power further. Much better writers can not do it. Simply, because there are not enough good words. So, good luck on http://www.mistresslinda.net/ Very probably, your final destination.
"FemDom Blogs Network" would like to express deepest respect and gratitude to Mistress Linda. Even in my best dreams i didn't dare to expect such a privilege."
Blog Impression: i will never be the same again
Blog rating: Divine

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

FemDom Blogs Network proudly present: MISTRESS VICTORIA LASH


Planning holiday in Greece?
Who knows, it can be your best holiday ever... Of course, if you are lucky enough to personally meet Mistress Victoria Lash, brilliant, creative and very demanding English Mistress, currently living in Athens, Greece.
"FemDom Blogs Network" have great honour to introduce http://victoria-lash.bdsmgr.com/ Her official temple.
She is Mistress with smile but i am sure that She will be the only one smiling when you meet Her. As a former professional dancer, She have feet even Zeus would desperately beg to worship and if you don't fulfill Her very high standards trust me She will know the way to teach You. Be a good student because Mistress Victoria Lash is teacher you wouldn't like to disappoint.
So, before you book holiday with your travel agent, be sure that you checked http://victoria-lash.bdsmgr.com/ Maybe you will decide to take one-way ticket only.
"FemDom Blogs Network" would like to express deepest respect and gratitude to Mistress Victoria Lash and to wish Her pleasant and successful trip to Dubai this week.
For more information about Mistress Victoria's travelling schedule and about cities where and when you can worship Her please visit Her page.
Blog Impression: Greek Goddess of Female Domination is actually English Lady
Blog rating: high as Olymp, holly as Her feet"

Monday, March 23, 2009

FemDom Blogs Network proudly present: MISTRESS ANUSKA

She is Princess, Mistress, Goddess!
She is dream of any slave!
She is powerful as storm, beautiful as submission.
She is diamond!
She is star!
She is desire!
"FemDom Blogs Network" have great honor to introduce Mistress Anuska: http://mistressanuskawrites.blogspot.com/ a real Princess, wonderful and creative UK Domina.
Believe me: you will become crazy for Her, you will become submissive like never before, you will worship Her, desperately begging for Her attention. Her feet will become your temple Her will your Bible.
Don’t miss http://mistressanuskawrites.blogspot.com/ - you will miss best part of your future life.
Blog impression: Beauty you can not describe
Blog rating: !!! HEAVEN !!!
"FemDom Blogs Network" would like to express deepest respect and gratitude to Mistress Anuska.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

FemDom Blogs Network proudly present: MISTRESS STACIE

Even very new one, this blog is already very promising. It s enough to hear what Mistress Stacie have to say about Herself to understood this is not a game:
"An extremely strict mistress who gains immense pleasure in training and owning slaves. I have an appetite for cruel punishments and mental control. Make no mistake I will break you, own you and have you begging me for mercy..."
It looks Mistress Stacie is very right and that all of us will coming on http://mistressstacie.blogspot.com/ again and again begging more and more to worship Her.
So, go there and be careful how good you know to beg.
"Femdom Blogs Network" is very honoured having http://mistressstacie.blogspot.com/ on list.

Blog rating: New star is born

FemDom Blogs Network proudly present: THE HUNTERESS


If you ever thought how it looks real, everyday life of young, beautiful, smart Domina, http://thehunteressdomain.blogspot.com/ certainly is one of the best places to learn about.
This amazing Lady was so merciful to share Her glamorous life , allowing any sub to feel real spirit of Female Superiority.
Very probably, same as me, you’ll be jealous on Her sissy maid but don’t even think you’ll be able to impress Her. Doesn’t matter how good cooker, servant or maid… you are, believe me that She deserve much more then any of us can offer. However, proper training can makes miracles so go there, check Her blog and give your best to earn Her attention. Who knows, maybe it’s your lucky day.
All in all, http://thehunteressdomain.blogspot.com/ is real heaven for any submissive.
“FemDom Blogs Network” can’t find enough good words to show adequate respect for privilege to list Her wonderful blog.
Blog impression: One thing is for sure, anyone will be easy catch for this beautiful Domina.
Blog rating: Pure treasure

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Femdom Blogs Netwotk proudly present: MISTRESS LIV TYLER


This is how it looks when Y/you mix: Italian style, passion for Female Domination, huge work and all of that through the scope of sophisticated author. Written on Italian but it speaks all languages. This is a page that can keep Y/you in front of screen for whole day without noticing. Very dynamic, full of action, with plenty of carefully selected videos, updated daily, considering all aspects of Female Domination, it’s “place to see” by all means.. i’m very happy and honored that “Femdom Blogs Network” have official opening with such high quality material. It’s not mistake this blog have so many visitors. Simply, a real pearl.
P.S. i’m really grateful to Mistress Liv Tyler because She trusted that “Femdom Blogs Network” will become enough good, that http://fallisoffrire.blogspot.com/ can took place on it. Thanks one more time.

Blog rating: straight to the sky.